Cave of Euripides

The Cave of Euripides is located in Peristeria region (13 km. south of the main city) and it was explored by Professor of Archaeology, Yannos Lolos in 1994. It is comprised of ten rooms. It is estimated that the cave had been used during eight different periods, from the Neolithic era to the modern years. Items from different periods were found here: stone tools, a Mycenaean sword, vessels of the Classic, Hellenistic, Roman eras and the Frankish rule, coins and jewelry. The coastal location of the cave, its morphology as well as the recent discovery of a “skyphos” (a cup for wine dating back to 430-420 B.C.) bearing the name of Euripides prove that this is the cave where he produced his literary work.

The cave is a 20 minute walk from Peristeria Bay. On your way to the cave you will also see an ancient fountain and the Temple of Dionysus.

The photograph shows the view from the cave towards Peristeria Bay.


18900, Salamis, Attica